Forests of spades, interspersed in the mounted horse herds, now passed the narrow bridge, and then arrange themselves in an orderly fashion under the low green hill, in front of other human woods. Sometimes this deployment was bloodily decorated by puffs of grenades that the artillery of Welleinstein distributed generously. When Mansfield thought he had sent enough men to the ‘river, brutal shooting and impetuous attack. Preceded by the fire of muskets pikemen moved before walking quickly, then slower and more lilting, clashing with the enemy formations, well ready to welcome them. Screams, curses, invocations, fanfare rose from the banks of the river, up to the Protestants, exhausted, not retreated, leaving a long trail of dead and dying wounded behind. The Mansfield But he did not feel satisfied, he thought that the fresh imperial troops were not equal to their mercenaries veterans, and ordered a new, more vigorous assault. Once again the two human forests clashed, screams and blood poured into the narrow space between the bridge and up the hill, while a tired sun melted the last morning mists. The battle now continued for over two hours, without neither side was able to prevail. The enthusiasm of Protestants waned with exhaustion, while now it seemed clear that the Imperials, as most unprepared, had reserves of men such as to ensure a continuous supply of fresh men to replace the dead, the wounded and exhausted. The armies of Mansfied had now reached the limit of effort when he suddenly saw that Wallenstein had another surprise in Serb for them: hordes of horsemen, armed with sabers and long pistols from the saddle swarmed against them by both the unprotected flanks . The Protestant ranks they were shaken as by a storm and began to disintegrate first, then they gave a stampede across the bridge, a few hours earlier had crossed careless, tormented by the imperial cavalry, that it mowed a saber like ripe wheat. They left behind if the pikes muskets, even the precious guns, many even hurled impetuous flow of the river in order to escape the clutches of the enemy troops.
The Mansfield watched transfixed to the destruction of his army, only to be forced to a stampede for the approach of the first riders opponents. His star now had been obscured by the blinding new astro: Wallenstein.


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