Life is something you cannot prevent from overwhelming you….


Oh God such a beautiful story so well matched those two, you are forced to read it again and again till you run yourself every single speech of the story…I love when Max Rory and the others walk in and take direct action in the mess.. Coronado series are incredible take singolar, but they reach the stellar grade when crossing…Lea Hart Thanks a lot you are a kind precious soul a great person and a great author I would never stop reading your book !!!!

Strange things strange days…

Selfless, close like a sea urchin, nothing has to permeate from the Fort Knox defense he has build up, because nothing has to hurt you from a work that’s dangerous and demanding, but you have to know that talking about even stupid things  just make him relaxing and calm down…so difficult to stay always on wire, to be aware of everything environment people even thoughts…but the short time he reads your words he is safe and just himself…God what did you do?? Put a mess like me on the road of a hero…am I right for him??  never more appropriate were those words: “Strength and Honor” …, for him and for me because be the safe island for someone is the hardest work on hearth… What’s it meant to be, always find a way…..


That’s it, he catches your mind, steals your thoughts, your soul…and heart,  your now and then and..yes IT….please, please, be kind, don’t break it ……. please..