Defending Danielle 

A Red joined mess
Ah yesssss that was a really piece of cake, Wolf’s pack and Red sweet army gang…. okay I want to read about Maverick one with such a Nik can’t be boring at all….when we will have a come together wit all our chicks and chickens?? Want to know?? I would have read more pages without a breath !!! Love RED and Danielle hope to see them again soon in Maverick story..


My review of Elle Boon Protecting Teagan 
I would say that a thousand time in any senses, but this book, is a very happy moment!! The more you expand the family the more Wolf and Ice atre becoming the center….Love the way they can keep in line all this badasses, I would like to do the same with my military family as well…. thanks Ellen for Teagan such a brave and soft heart and Dallas who is so similar to Wolf…. another hero another brother anther piece of the family…

This review is from: Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Betting on Benny (Kindle Worlds) (Mystic Nights Book 6) (Kindle Edition)

Oh yea, that’s really marvelous idea to put a Seal in a cooking contest, explosions are in his competence field, I had a blast just thinking one of my seal friends with an apron mixing ingredients…ahahahahaha, it was so real in the particulars that was impossible to stop crying while reading about make up muahahahahaha it’s really impossible sorry… that’s really a bitch the Brian’s sister…. had what deserved great Jessy she’s a Seal in every bone!!! Fantastic can’t say nothing more am still crying keeping my belly….

GENNITA LOW NO PROTECTION ( Crossfire Series 5.5)

That’s my review: 
Wolf’s pack and Cookie ass
I love Cookie ass, and that’s exactly what I was expecting from this book excitement and actions without a single breath, beautifully mixed with a smart playful comicality that give a real bouncy heart…Great during my 4 wheels excursions I will always cry my belly out remembering Liam No Fitz…I will now deep myself in the other for seals of Crossfire Series no way I can stop without reading about a big man called Cucumber… 

This review is from: Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Protecting Hope (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Midnight Delta Book 7) (Kindle Edition)

Caitlyn you rock!!!!!!
Oh my God you did it, you have commuted all my heroes in one single spot, and pumped up the atmosphere, the expectations, emotions and it was a slurp!!! Even breathing in the past 3 hours was a sort of bothering due to a times a waisting, because the running fast of events was amazing, I know exactly the the place and thanks to every time I’ll go I will always think to Hope, Caroline, Miranda and my heroes….Wow how is it possible to love a book an it’s creator so much I don’t know but its your fault lady!!!! Thanks as always I am addicted to the bones, so hurry up and give me pieces of my Drake Avery!!!


THIS MY REVIEW OF: protecting Butterfly 

Thanks sweet lady for make them back in our reading life, Wolf’s seal pack back with Caroline too and those 6 new gorgeous men …. awwwww this is a great starting for a new addiction to be addicted for, Susan Stoker is a great inspiration and all the stories are coming out are always a new experience leading to other incredible adventures…with one collection we have been taken to a never ending tour…Heim and princess are great warriors and I can’t wait to read all the other stories, because the way you write every single moment is so unstoppable that you can’t leave it unfinished! Thanks for the experience!!!

Coming Soon: Protecting Butterfly in Susan Stoker’s Special Forces Operation Alpha Kindle Worlds!

LeTeisha Newton

protecting-butterfly2Katya “Butterfly” Amerson lived her life as the cloistered daughter of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. Always correct, always guarded, and never inciting a scandal, she’s had to be the perfect woman. What she really wants is to blow-up her castle and find a life free from inhibition and full of passion. A chance encounter at a dark club in Dubai gives her just the wildness she craves, if only for one night.

Xavier “Heim” Spencer lives for being a SEAL. Dangerous missions, high-stakes assignments, and pleasurable nights all blend together in an adrenaline-laced life he’s addicted to. Until the faceless women who parade through his bed blur into sandy horizons and forgotten moments. One beauty challenges him to accept someone just as scrappy as he is, and more dangerous to boot.

Then she is taken.

Katya’s disappearance, and the reality of who she is to the…

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My beautiful Matthew, and lovely Caroline, always strong, always bound together, who wouldn’t be peaceful with that marvelous man and sailor? Oh my God he said to a stranger he is a seal??? Wow he has changed so much with that woman, and look he is changing a stranger guy with just a talk, but what can you expect if not that, seals in novels like in real life are really such great examples for everyone!! Poor Sonny he didn’t see it coming, neither for Matthew or Virginia, and as Caroline she has a great head a strong brain and iron balls, a great story without a roller coaster but just a story of two souls finding perfection in a paradise like Sicily…  


That’s an amazing roller coaster of emotions and events, passion and feelings escalating with the story, always very well narrated and prepared. I am a very addicted reader of Caitlyn stories, and always waiting with angry the next one because when you are in a story you would never reach the end. Cooper and Brenna are two living souls much similar to all of us with scaring feeling towards the other, and what they experience would be very similar to one of us…what is a pity is that for many friends I have playing war games in Seals team and Delta Teams, I never end living adventures like this one….