This review is from: Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Protecting Hope (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Midnight Delta Book 7) (Kindle Edition)

Caitlyn you rock!!!!!!
Oh my God you did it, you have commuted all my heroes in one single spot, and pumped up the atmosphere, the expectations, emotions and it was a slurp!!! Even breathing in the past 3 hours was a sort of bothering due to a times a waisting, because the running fast of events was amazing, I know exactly the the place and thanks to every time I’ll go I will always think to Hope, Caroline, Miranda and my heroes….Wow how is it possible to love a book an it’s creator so much I don’t know but its your fault lady!!!! Thanks as always I am addicted to the bones, so hurry up and give me pieces of my Drake Avery!!!

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I climbed every Mountain and swam every Ocean, you gonna get up and try, try everything,because u are the reason am still breathing

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