Letters for a Soldier…

This was in a page a saw yesterday….
Sunny days are the worst in this place u can eat sand smell sand and fuck when it rains I believe it rains sand, hot dry fucking sand it enters everywhere and stays since u get back home like an alien organism that invades humans in such trash sci-fi movies…..life is slow around u, u move in slow motion, time is endlessly, missing u is quite a physical sensation, knowing u could be already in Syria fighting those shithead tangos makes me angry and bloodthirsty, the awareness of the long weeks and stressful days, sad hours and painful minutes and bastard seconds that separates me from the light possibility of seeing u hug u and most important touch u, is astonishing….thinking of not keep fighting writing and hoping quite kills me u have taken residence in my heart thoughts and soul, so be careful Major if u die u will take my heart with u and this is not fair, no matter how much damage u can sustain u will always have me by your side so keep fighting those shits kick their disgusting asses and please come back to me because I will always fight for u…love u Sir
I think love has so many ways for a unique purpose…….. Hope that each one of our heroes will have always a word in his deployment from home……

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I climbed every Mountain and swam every Ocean, you gonna get up and try, try everything,because u are the reason am still breathing

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