I’m falling in love with Frisco and Haven, and I hope you will too! (Unedited so sorry if there are typos.) Blurb in comments.

Haven suddenly realized Frisco was still holding her hand as if he’d been doing it for years. She wasn’t sure if he knew his thumb was caressing her wrist and that it was sending sparks to the nerve endings, through her body, to her core. While she didn’t have full use of her legs yet, the feeling had returned to her lower abdomen all the way to her toes and everything in between, and right now, what she felt between her legs was lust and desire. Before the shooting, she would’ve acted on that, seducing him until she got what she wanted—him in her bed. She had always been picky about which men she hooked up with, even dating a few for several months or enjoying an occasional friends-with-benefits relationship. But since the wheelchair next to her had become such a huge part of her life, she hadn’t been attracted to any male…until now. Why this man? He’d seen her at her absolute worst…she’d begged him to do what he considered to be an unspeakable act…yet, here he was, having granted his forgiveness, enjoying lunch with her.

Pulling her hand from his, and immediately missing the warmth of the contact, Haven stacked their plates together. “I really need to get back to work. I’m an intel tech now.” While she wasn’t as adept as the some of the hackers and specialists at Deimos headquarters, she was still able to gather a lot of information needed by the field operatives. Her field experience helped because she was able to zero in on intel they needed instead of making them weed through the excess that it was buried under. “Thanks for lunch.”

“My pleasure.” Grabbing the plates and now-empty soda cans, Frisco stood and tossed them into a nearby trash can before returning to the table, while Haven got situated back into her chair. “So, why here?”

His question threw her off as she began to propel the wheelchair toward her van. “Huh? Why here, what?”

“From what I understand, your headquarters is somewhere in California, so why are you in Texas?”

“Ah. Even though the main compound is out west, we have operatives all over the states, preferably near military bases in case backup is needed on a grand scale. The rehab hospital here is one of the best for my injury, so Harker Heights is where I now call home—the first one I’ve slept in for over a month straight during my whole life. My superiors set everything up for me. I’ve got a handicapped accessible home, the van you saw, and it’s close enough to Fort Hood.” It took her less than twenty minutes to reach the base where, with her extremely high government clearance, she had access to almost every inch of the place.

“That’s great…I mean, of all the places you could have ended up, I’m glad it was here.”

When they reached her van, Haven pulled out her keys and activated the remote which would unlock the door and bring the lift out and down for her. While they waited for it, Frisco stuffed his hands into the front pockets of his pants and rocked back and forth on his feet. “So, when can I see you again? I’d like to take you out to dinner or something…you know, on a date.”

If she’d been standing, she would’ve been knocked off her feet. She gaped at him, trying to make sure she’d heard him correctly. “What do you mean ‘a date’?”

“A date.” He shrugged his shoulders and grinned. “You know—a guy like me, with a really hot woman who turns him on, going out somewhere that has waiters, wine glasses, and china. They order from a leather-covered menu, and the whole time, he’s wondering what his chances of getting a goodnight kiss are. That kind of date.”