Justice for Erin EXCERPT!!!!!!

For those of you brave (or crazy!) enough to read excerpts…I thought I’d share a bit of Erin and Conor’s story to help get you through the weekend!

Only 3 and a half weeks!!!

(The audio will be live on Nov 1st!)


“I got this. What kind of man would I be if I let a lady pump gas?”

“One who wants to use the restroom and get something to eat?” Erin immediately retorted.

“That was a rhetorical question, bright eyes. Hear me now. You will never pump gas when I’m with you.”

She stood next to the van looking perplexed and irritated at the same time. It made Conor want to pull her into his arms, but he refrained, barely.

“I’m perfectly able to do it myself. Have been doing it my entire life, in fact.”

“I have no doubt you’re a champion gas pumper, but the fact remains that it’s not gentlemanly to let a woman fill up the gas tank.”

“I don’t think it has anything to do with being a gentleman,” she continued to argue.

Conor leaned into her, and was rewarded when her beautiful eyes opened wide at his action. “It has everything to do with the fact that I want to do this for you. All the crap jobs you’ve had to do by yourself your entire life are now mine to take care of for you…at least when I’m around. You don’t feel like doing something, all you got to do is call me. Changing tires, washing your car, hanging pictures on your walls, mowing the grass, raking, even changing lightbulbs. I want to take care of that for you.”

Conor didn’t think Erin was even breathing. He brought a hand up to her face and ran his pinky finger down her slightly upturned nose. “Breathe before you pass out, bright eyes,” he whispered.

“Why are you calling me that?” she asked.

“Because you have the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen. They’re bright green.”

“Oh, well, I’ve always thought they were weird. Conor, I don’t mind changing light bulbs…but there isn’t any grass to mow at my apartment. The ground crew does that kind of thing. But believe it or not, I hate getting my car washed. It just seems like a waste. I mean, I’ll clean it, but then drive through a mud puddle and it’ll get dirty again. It just doesn’t seem like there’s a point. But if you really want, you can do that for me.”

He chuckled. “Done.”

“Uh…why are we talking about this?”

“Because you asked why I wouldn’t let you pump gas.”

“You’re confusing,” Erin informed him.

Conor smiled and leaned away from her and reached for the pump, which had clicked done while they’d talked. “It’s okay. You’ll get used to me.”


Justice for Erin, Nov 14

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