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Together they’ll get… One Call

Coming November 14, 2017!

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She’s sheltered. He’s steadfast.

Sage Marlowe was born with grace and care.

Loving her religion and understanding her place in the compound was drilled into her from the moment she could walk. Never leaving until she was a teen, she had no clue of the outside world.

She didn’t understand that she had choices, or could have opinions. She didn’t know she could have freedom.

Meeting a man that called to her heart changed her submission. Gave her a reason to fight for desires she didn’t even understand.

Forced to make a choice, the foundation on which her beliefs are based are rocked to the core and she knows her entire world will never be the same again.

Forbidden love is elusive as Eden’s garden.

Lochlan Hogan is the youngest of three brothers.

Quiet, loyal, fierce, Loch knows nothing about love and passion until she steps through the doors of his shop.

She walks in beauty and grace. Ash blonde hair, crystal blue eyes. The girl with no name calls to his soul in every way.

She’s shrouded in mystery and elegance. He wants her something fierce.

His obsession with her forces him to do things he wouldn’t normally. Following her back to her home, he’s shocked to find that her beliefs are dipped in sin and shrouded with lies.

Together they make the call to forge together as one, but will her family let her go when she’s already made her vows?