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For today only Beauty’s Daddy is FREE! That’s right, free. Now is the perfect time to grab your copy and fall in love with Annabelle and her Daddy.

Also, I’m super excited to announce that Mafia Daddy will be released on November 14th! In less than ONE week you’ll be able to get it in your hot little hands. I can’t wait for this one… you can add it to your TBR HERE!

They call me “The Beast” for a reason. Locked away in my cold, dark mansion overlooking the treacherous cliffs that haunt me, I want for nothing…except her. The moment she set foot in my lair, her fate was sealed. I will claim her, make her mine…

I’ll be her daddy.

6 Liberty Square #2015
Boston, MA
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I climbed every Mountain and swam every Ocean, you gonna get up and try, try everything,because u are the reason am still breathing

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