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I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I got most of my running around done yesterday so today I’m just going to get my things packed, work on some final details of Ryan’s story then just lounge around till bed time. Nothing beats a good long lounging day. 🙂

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Rule number one of my job – do not fall for the client. Do not.
And yet, of course, I did. Nox Renaud might be the richest man in New Orleans but he’s also the most gorgeous, sweetest sexiest man I’ve ever met and he wants me. Every time he touches me it feels like heaven, READ MORE

Once upon a time a beauty fell for two beasts.
When I leave my old life behind to meet a writing deadline, I don’t expect my cabin in the woods to collapse around me. But it does. Two men save me. Two perfect beasts who want to share me. My fairy tale begins and READ MORE


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#13 – Riding Double
#14 – Liquid Courage
#15 – Fan Not Fiction
#16 – What Lies Beneath
#17 – It Was Always You
#18 – Open Road Connection
#19 – Unmasked Passion
#20 – Silver Bells

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