Topping the Alpha, trident security Samanth A. Cole

Christmas In Cuffs (Jake & Nick)

***Contains spoilers for Topping the Alpha.

Throwing his canvas duffel bag in the back of his truck, Nick Sawyer waved goodbye to his SEAL Team Three teammates and climbed into the driver’s seat. They were all hurrying home to surprise their loved ones for Christmas. Their OCONUS mission had ended earlier than expected, and if traffic was on his side, he’d be walking into his condo and Jake Donovan’s arms at just before midnight. He was already getting hard wondering what his boyfriend would come up with to celebrate.

This was the second and last Christmas they’d be having in San Diego. Next year, they’d be in Tampa with Nick’s brothers, Jake’s employers at Trident Security. Ian and Devon Sawyer had been surprised, yet supportive, when their good friend and teammate had fallen in love with their younger brother. Not only was Jake his lover, but he was also his Dom. Finding out he was a sexual submissive had shocked the shit out of Nick, but he was fine with it as long as Jake was the man dominating him.

The last time Nick had spoken to Jake was ten days ago. At that time, they’d made plans to celebrate Christmas two days late. He’d already gotten Jake a present before being deployed two months ago, not knowing when he’d get another chance to do it. It had been sitting in his locker on the base all this time and he’d grabbed it before hightailing it to the parking lot.

Tomorrow, they’d get on Skype and call Nick’s growing family and Jake’s mother and brother in Tampa to wish everyone a great day. He was dying to see how big little JD was getting. Devon and his wife Kristen had given Chuck and Marie their first grandchild back in September. A few weeks after that, the Sawyer clan had gathered in Tampa for Ian and Angie’s wedding. Wondering when the newlyweds would be starting a family shifted to him and Jake. Did Jake want kids? And hell, did Nick want kids? He’d never thought about it before. What the hell would two Navy SEALs turned private security operatives know about raising kids?

Maybe they’d talk about having kids someday, but not yet. Once he retired from the Navy in five months and moved to Tampa, he would broach the subject with Jake. Now wasn’t a good time. The man had plenty of other stuff to deal with at the moment. For the past year, he’d been hiring and training the west coast Trident Security team. Before he and Nick left for Florida, Jake had to make a decision on who to put in charge of the team. There were seven men and one woman, and they were all leader material. Jake, Devon, and Ian had wanted the cream of the crop for the new team and had chosen well from a list of candidates—some from the military and others from law enforcement.

Pulling into the parking lot of their condo complex, Nick shifted his hips, trying to give his throbbing cock some room in his tactical pants. He parked, jumped out, and grabbed his duffel, praying Jake was still awake. Or maybe it would be better if he wasn’t. Nick enjoyed watching his lover sleep—especially since he’d finally let his traumatic senior year in high school stay in the past where it belonged. Since they’d moved in together, Jake no longer hid his scars under a T-shirt at night. In fact, massaging his Dom’s bare back was one of Nick’s favorite things to do when they were relaxing at home. Of course that usually led to more of his other favorite things to do.

Putting the key in the front door lock, Nick quietly let himself into the foyer and shut the door behind him. A soft glow from the light under the microwave came from the kitchen to his right, while another one came from the living room. That one flickered and Nick figured it was from the gas fireplace.

He knew better than to step into the living room without announcing himself. Once a SEAL, always a SEAL, and Nick might end up staring down the barrel of one of Jake’s guns if he wasn’t careful.

Leaving his duffel on the foyer floor, he took one step and whispered, “Sir?”

A thunk on a table, which was probably a now discarded weapon, was followed by Jake pivoting around the corner, his eyes wide in a combination of surprise, love, and lust. God, the man was beautiful. Six foot six and two hundred ten pounds of solid muscle that was only covered by a pair of lightweight, cotton sweatpants. Nick’s mouth watered at the sight of every hard mesa and valley of the man’s torso. The growing bulge below that was just as tempting.

Jake didn’t say a word, but strode forward and kept coming, pinning Nick against the wall. His hands cupped Nick’s whiskered jaw and his head descended until their lips met. The kiss was far from gentle, both giving what the other wanted and taking what each offered. It had been far too long for both of them. “Hi, honey, I’m home” could wait until after they had an orgasm or two. . .or three.

Jake’s hands slid down Nick’s neck and grasped the edge of his T-shirt. With one smooth yank, the fabric was ripped in two. Nick’s heart pounded wildly. They were skin to skin for the first time in eight weeks and it felt incredible. As much as he wanted it to continue, though, he needed to clean up. He hadn’t wanted to delay seeing Jake long enough to take a shower at the base, but now that they were together, he really needed a few minutes with some hot water and soap.

When Jake’s mouth left his and dropped to his neck, Nick rasped, “S-Sir. I need a shower before we go further.”

Jake licked his ear. “Showering with my subbie sounds like a great start to a welcome home celebration. Let’s go.”

Following Jake, Nick stopped short in the living room, his jaw almost hitting the floor. The flickering lights he’d assumed were from the gas fireplace were actually from the glow of a Christmas tree. The seven-foot balsam fir was in the corner of the room with hundreds of twinkling lights and a star on top. He couldn’t believe Jake had done this. Last year, Nick had needed to beg and barter before dragging his Dom to get a tree. Christmas had always been the youngest Sawyer brother’s favorite time of the year, and no matter where he was on that day, he’d found some way to celebrate, whether big or small. Jake on the other hand, had only done the very bare basics for the holiday, if he’d even done that.

“You-you got a tree?” Yeah, there you go, stating the obvious. His gaze fell on the fireplace. Two red and white holiday stockings hung from the mantle, one with Jake’s name, one with his.

Jake shrugged then took Nick’s hand and pulled him toward their bedroom and shower. “I know how much it means to you, so I wanted it up before you got home. I actually just finished putting the ornaments on this afternoon.”

In the master bath, Jake flipped on the water in the shower to warm it up as Nick stripped out of his pants, boots, and what remained of his torn shirt. Stepping under the spray, he felt the last of the stressful mission leave his body along with the accompanying grime and sweat. He rested his hands on the tiled wall in front of him and dipped his head, letting the water pelt his shoulders and neck. Jake stepped in behind him, now gloriously naked, and grabbed a loofah and the Dolce & Gabbana body wash they both favored. Slowly and sensually, Jake cleaned his sub, and once more, Nick thanked God for bringing this man into his life. He would never love another as much as he loved Jake.

The sudsy loofah didn’t miss a single inch of Nick’s body, including his prominent hard on which grew in intensity with every stroke of the raspy material. After he was all soaped up, Jake removed the showerhead from its perch and rinsed the lather from Nick’s skin.

Feeling rejuvenated, Nick turned around and met Jake’s green-eyed, lust-filled gaze with his own blue one. “What would my Sir like me to do?”

Reaching around him, Jake turned off the water. “Grab a towel, razor, and shaving cream, while I go get a bowl for water. I’m getting rid of that scruff of yours before we go any further.”

Nick’s eyes and lust flared. It wouldn’t be the first time Jake had shaved him, and damn, if it wasn’t one incredible turn on when he did.

Minutes later, Nick was flat on his back on the bed. One towel was underneath him and another lay across his chest. A bowl of water sat on the night stand. Jake straddled his hips and spread shaving cream over Nick’s jaw, cheeks, chin, and upper lip. His Dom seemed oblivious to the hard cock pressing against his ass cheeks, but Nick knew better and wondered what their first scene of the evening would be. Whatever it was, he was sure to enjoy every minute of it—at least, every last few minutes of it. Sometimes Jake used the bullwhip on his subbie’s back and ass. While the first strikes always seemed to be the worst, Nick would soon be in subspace as the pain morphed into pleasure. By the time he was allowed to cum, he’d be begging for it. The orgasms he had after a whipping were beyond explosive and comprehension. Now just the thought of a whipping had Nick needing relief—but all in due time.

The razor rasped across his skin as stroke by stroke Jake removed the coarse whiskers. Nick had shaved earlier in the week because the team had used smoke grenades during a raid. Beards interfered with the masks they’d needed to wear to breathe. The edges of the masks wouldn’t seal properly unless they were against bare skin.

The repeated motions of the razor stroke followed by Jake rinsing the blade off in the water had Nick’s eyes growing heavy, but he loved watching his Dom perform this act, so he forced them to stay open.

Jake dragged the blade up under Nick’s chin. “Everyone come home okay, Junior?”

“Yeah. A few bumps and bruises but nothing that required stitches or casts.”

“Always a good thing.” That was all Jake could and would ask about Nick’s mission. Despite being a former SEAL and now working for a security company that had many government contracts and a high clearance level, Jake couldn’t know the details of Nick’s missions. Most of them were classified and on a need to know level. If a person didn’t need to know, then they didn’t get to know. It was one of the reasons many SEAL marriages and relationships failed. But in Nick’s case, Jake understood better than any other SEAL’s significant other and that helped a lot.

When his sub’s face was finally whisker free, Jake tossed the razor into the bowl. Taking the towel from Nick’s chest, he wiped the last of the shaving cream from his face.

The Dom climbed off Nick and the bed. “I have to get something. Present for me.”

As Jake strode from the room, Nick stood and opened the drawer to his night stand. Pulling out the collar Jake had given him last year, he put it on as he dropped to his knees beside the bed. Most people would see it as a man’s silver necklace with what appeared to be a charm similar to a yin-yang. But the black onyx and silver pendant was actually a BDSM symbol. Instead of two halves complementing each other, this had three. There were several different meanings for it in the community, but Nick like Jake’s the best. The three pieces represented Nick, Jake, and their love and commitment to each other. Nick wore it at all times unless on a mission or if it interfered with his Naval dress or duties.

Minutes passed, and by the time Jake reentered the room, Nick was in full presentation mode. Knees shoulder width apart, head bowed in respect, hands behind him in the at ease position. Jake’s bare feet stopped in front of him. “Look at me, Junior.”

Nick raised his chin until his gaze met Jake’s devilish one. From the man’s finger hung a pair of leather cuffs. Licking his lips, Nick swallowed hard. The last time Jake had used those, he’d given Nick the longest and best blowjob of his lifetime. When he’d finally been allowed to cum, he’d almost passed out from the intensity.

“Can you handle this right now?”

He knew what Jake was asking. Did he want to say his safeword? Hell no!

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Come with me.”

Standing, Nick followed Jake out the door in confusion. They weren’t doing this in bed? Once more, he stopped short in the living room. Jake had opened the pullout couch and turned off the table lamp that’d been on. The only light in the room came from the Christmas tree. They were going to scene under its twinkling branches and star. And Jake thought he couldn’t think of romantic things to surprise Nick with. The man was so wrong.

“Lay down on your back. Hands above your head. Bend your knees.”

After Nick did as he was told, Jake attached the cuffs to his wrists and then the metal bar of the couch’s bed. The Dom climbed between Nick’s spread legs and opened a tube of lubricant, covering several fingers of one hand with it. “I missed you so much, babe.”

“I missed you, too, Sir.”

Without another word, Jake made himself comfortable on his stomach. His breath caressed Nick’s groin in warm puffs, exciting him even more. Fingers breached the rim of Nick’s ass and he couldn’t control the groan of need that escaped him. With each stroke, the fingers advanced, lighting up the nerves inside. “More, Sir. Please.”

Uh-uh, Junior. I’ve been dreaming of this for weeks. I’m going to take my time and enjoy every minute of it.”


Jake chuckled but followed through with his statement. Torturously slow, he stretched and fucked his lover’s ass. His other hand closed around Nick’s shaft and pumped it a few times before tilting it toward his mouth. Nick’s eyes fluttered shut as warm, moist lips closed around him. He tugged against his restraints in a futile attempt to hold Jake’s head where it was. The man’s tongue lapped at the vein on the underside of Nick’s cock, eliciting a gasp of pleasure.

The combined sensations attacking his ass and dick were too much and yet not enough. Not enough to send him over the edge. Jake alternated between speeding up and slowing down. His tongue swirled around the tip before taking Nick deep again and again. He caressed Nick’s balls and moaned around him sending vibrations surging through his submissive’s body.

Nick fought the urge to shift his hips and beg for more. It’d become a game between Dom and sub over the past year. How long could Jake torture Nick before he began to plead for release?

Gasps and moans flowed from Nick’s lips but he refused to ask for more beyond his one request moments ago. Through heavy lidded eyes he watched his Dom make love to him. And, yes, it was love. Nick had never truly known that emotion until he’d fallen hard for Jake.

The hand at his balls moved upward, massaging his taut abs and chest. Jake reached up and placed his fingers on Nick’s lips. Without hesitation, the sub’s tongue lashed out and sucked the digits into his mouth. He nibbled and licked them, wishing they were Jake’s cock instead.

Each minute felt like ten. Jake’s hand trailed back down to Nick’s chest and plucked his peaked nipple. He added a third finger to the ass he was fucking and Nick saw stars. His head began to spin. A tingling in his spine forewarned his coming orgasm. His breathing and heart rate increased.

The Dom was all too aware of the changes in his submissive’s body. He deep-throated him over and over, swallowing hard each time. Nick couldn’t take it any longer. “Please, Sir, please let me cum. It-it’s been too long. I’m going to explode.”

Jake released him just long enough to say, “Cum for me, Junior.”

His warm mouth engulfed Nick’s shaft again and everything speed up. The fingers in his ass pumped faster and harder. Jake’s head bobbed up and down. Nick was beyond able to stop the roaring freight train of release and yelled Jake’s name as he shot cum down his lover’s throat in streams that didn’t want to ebb. Black and white flashes replaced the multi-colored lights of the tree in front of Nick’s eyes as Jake swallowed every ounce of his seed. Nick’s body shook with the force of it all until it was spent and he had nothing more to give. He collapsed into the mattress as Jake released him and licked his lips in satisfaction.

As Jake got to his knees, Nick’s gaze fell to the man’s straining erection. “Fuck me, Sir. Let me take care of that for you.”

Again without a word, Jake crawled forward and lined his cock up with Nick’s ass. The hole was already stretched wide for him and he had no trouble easing in. Nick smiled as Jake’s eyes rolled back into his head in ecstasy.

“Damn, I missed this. So tight. So fucking perfect. I love you, babe.”

“Love you, too, Sir. Fuck me as hard as you want. As hard as you need.”

With a roar, Jake did just that. His hips pumped piston-like, harder with every thrust. He fucked Nick like his life depended on it and Nick took everything the man gave him. Bending his knees toward his chest, Nick gave the Dom more room. Jake slid deeper in the ass that hugged him.

“Shit, Junior! Can’t-can’t hold back.”

“I don’t want you to, Sir. Give it to me. All of it.”

Aaaaahhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Jake emptied himself into Nick’s core, thrusting until he finally collapsed on top of him. The Dom struggled to get oxygen in his lungs while Nick reveled in the weight of his lover.

Pushing himself up on his forearms, Jake kissed Nick’s lips. “Welcome home, babe.”

“Merry Christmas,” he responded with a smile. “Can you release me so I can hold you, Sir, please?”

Rolling off of him, Jake reached up and undid the restraints. He rubbed Nick’s shoulders and arms, making sure there was good blood flow. Pulling Nick into his arms, Jake cuddled him as they laid under the blinking lights.

How long they stayed like that, Nick wasn’t sure, but it was definitely well after midnight which meant it was Christmas Day. He couldn’t wait any longer to give Jake his present.

Pushing up from the mattress, he said, “Be right back.” Comfortable in his nakedness, he hurried to the foyer and pulled the wrapped box from his duffel. Suddenly, he was nervous. What would Jake say when he saw it? Only one way to find out.

Climbing back into the pullout bed, he sat, leaning on the back of the couch. He handed Jake the oblong box.

His lover raised an eyebrow and sat up next to him. “What’s this?”

“I can’t wait until morning. Open it now.”

Jake rubbed one eye with the heel of his hand, then began to open the bright wrapping paper. Nick’s pulse pounded as butterflies took flight in his stomach. Tossing the wrapping aside, Jake opened the box and shifted through the tissue to find the new KA-BAR knife Nick had gotten him with his initials JRD engraved on the blade. But that’s not what had the Dom freezing with his hand in midair. He was staring at the little blue ribbon wrapped around the hilt and the silver ring attached to it. Also attached to the ribbon was a little note in Nick’s handwriting that said, “Marry me?”

Seconds passed as Jake stared at the contents of the box. Finally, he looked at Nick. “Before I answer that, I have present for you, too.” Leaping from the bed, he stepped over to the fireplace and reached into Nick’s stocking. He pulled out a small box and tossed it to Nick, whose mouth fell open. A box this size could only hold one thing.

Jake sat down next to him again, grinning. “Open it, Nick.”

Tearing off the red and green paper, he lifted the lid of the box and gaped. The ring was eerily similar to the one he’d picked out for Jake. In fact, it was from the same jeweler.

Jake took Nick’s hand, drawing his gaze. “I’ll say yes if you do.