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I had no idea when I started the Trident Security series that I’d have three spin-off series from it. While each book and series can be read alone, they are best read in order, as there are spoilers in the later books about the earlier ones. If you’d like to avoid the spoilers, this is the best reading order for the original Trident Security series, the Doms of The Covenant series, Deimos series, and the TS Omega Team series:

Leather & Lace: Trident Security Book 1

His Angel: Trident Security Book 2

Waiting For Him: Trident Security Book 3

Not Negotiable: Trident Security Book 3.5 (Novella)

Topping the Alpha: Trident Security Book 4

Watching From the Shadows: Trident Security Book 5

Whiskey Tribute: Trident Security Book 5.5 (Novella)

Tickle His Fancy: Trident Security Book 6

No Way in Hell: A Steel Corps/Trident Security Crossover Novel

Books 1 & Book 2 (co-authored with J.B. Havens)

Absolving His Sins: Trident Security Book 7

Double Down & Dirty: Doms of The Covenant Book 1 (Novella)

Option Number Three: Trident Security Book 7.5 (Novella)

Mountain of Evil: TS Omega Team Prequel (Novella)

A Dead Man’s Pulse: TS Omega Team Book 1

Salvaging His Soul: Trident Security Book 8

Handling Haven: Special Forces: Operation Alpha (Kindle World) Deimos Book 1

Entertaining Distraction: Doms of The Covenant Book 2

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