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~This snippet has not been through the editing process~

Vex: Mythical Ink Series (book 1)

Copyright © 2017 by LS Anders

Pulling open the drawer in his work table, Vex took out a box with a new tattoo machine he wanted to use today. He was going to have to build it himself which was a meticulous pain in his ass, but assembling the gun himself had its advantages. He could make tiny adjustments and fine tune it until he was satisfied with how it worked.

His back to the door and his head bent to his task, the bell jangled again. Recognizing Sevin’s voice as he chatted with someone, he didn’t bother turning around, but the sweet female voice that responded had him swiveling his head in the direction of the front desk.

Double-taking the petite brunette, Vex looked her over…slowly. Unable to stop his eyes from taking all of her in from her blunt cut, black hair that swept her shoulders to her high heel boots that hugged her perfect calves. And, that’s when the unimaginable happened…

He popped wood like a motherfucking teenager.

His eyes held onto her as her head turned towards him. She gasped, taking a step back before a wide smile warmed her face. Recognition of what he was had her glowing.

He really hoped Sevin took her on as a client, because there was no way in hell he’d be able to lay hands on her without an orgasm being involved. No females had ever caught and held his attention, but something about this black haired fairy was captivating. And, it irritated the piss out of him. Relieved to know she’d soon be gone after Sevin tattooed her—

“Alea is our new receptionist,” Sevin announced to Vex. “I’d introduce you to Vex, but he’s looking rather fierce this morning,” Sevin offered to Alea. Lifting his chin to Vex, he tossed a comment his way, “Did someone shit in your Wheaties this morning, big guy?”

No. Fucking. Way.

Lucian hadn’t mentioned he’d hired anyone for that position, and he sure as hell wouldn’t have hired a fairy to fill it. Had to have been Gales. That human wouldn’t have known any better.

Alea dropped her eyes as Sevin’s smart-assed remark turned his face into a raging inferno which Sevin ignored.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s not as mean as he looks.” Sevin discounted him with a wave of his hand and continued on with the tour of the shop. “So, this is where you’ll be, and if you need anything, just ask. Back here is the office and the storeroom. You can come in the back door from now on if you want. We’ll get the code for the cypher lock from Lucian. I think he just changed it.”

As Sevin escorted Alea down the hall past where he sat, Vex tugged the hem of his shirt, making certain none of his throbbing hard-on was visible.

Turning her head as she passed, Alea looked him over as if she were ready to take him up on what he had to offer hidden behind his zipper. His body responded sending out a blast of heat ruffling the ends of her hair.

“Hey Lu, Vex finally got a blip on his radar.” He heard Sevin call out to Lucian, laughing at his expense.

Damn Sevin and his mouth!