North and Mac

She saw the light, that meaning in his eyes coming straight through his heart, the meaning a Dom only gives words to a subbie’s heart and soul to speak in existence what she can’t alone.

He never talks for her, he never thinks for her or feels, like a rainbow, he signs the way to the gold. Her Dom was just trying to free her soul, to make her see the light the gold she was looking for was just there, and grabbing it was a metter of trust..

A Dom traces the line of knowledge, and takes you to the heart of your soul… North looked completely shocked, what Mac had done was now clear, it was so clear, and so beautiful she couldn’t really think it was possible.

What she had run from was herself not the luck of control, what she had refused so long time ago was the truth, Mac wanted her to understand, no limits can be put to a soul, you can restrain it, you can torture it but it’ll always find a way to get you to the gold…

She new now, this big dark man in front of her gasping for the effort of the scene, was just trying to free that soul, her soul.

Mac was sweating and gasping, the small drops of sweat were running all over his body creating a foggy curtain in front of himself, there hanging from the Saint Andrews Cross was North, tiredness and shock were dancing on the beautiful face framed by long black locks with violet shades, her breath was labored as his and her beautiful heart was beating crazily in her chest, he could see it from the short distance. She was stunning but most of all she was stunned, her violet eyes were fixed in front of here, like she was in subspace, but he new she wasn’t.

North was seeing it, finally she was aware of what he had tried to make her catch al that time, five years ago she had broken something important inside himself, his heart had refused to let anyone near again, but instead of ice it had seemed a babble, a protective one, but not from loving, he had felt like his heart was just waiting, waiting for her to come back to let him try again, and now after all had happened what they faced she finally got it clear, and if he was lucky she would be his….

The whip was discarded and Mac took a deep breath closing his eyes and trying to take a grip on his heart and mind, what North needed the most was aftercare, in his arms protected from the world she would find peace, and will be able to look him in his eyes, giving him the words he had expected so long…