So yesterday, I did a takeover in Lucky 13’s Lounge and I did a live write, which means I asked for 2 names and professions and in 45 minutes I wrote a scene for them. These two will probably end up in a Doms of The Covenant story at some point lol. I’m going to start doing these once a week in here and maybe invite some other authors in to do them too. I’ll make an announcement when I set it up.

Sebastian was heading for his truck at the end of a long day when a black Camaro pulled into the construction site. His heart skipped a beat and suddenly he wasn’t so tired anymore. Waving goodbye to his workers, he strode over to the sports car as Benedict climbed out of the driver’s seat. It wasn’t the first time the architect had showed up at the site.

Damn, the man was fucking gorgeous. An inch shy of Sebastian’s six foot three, and a sculpted physique that should be carved in marble for all of eternity to enjoy. A breeze blew a section of blond hair over Ben’s forehead and in a routine motion, he pushed it back into place as he shut the car door. A beautiful smile spread across his face. “Hey, Bast. I came to go over those new specs that were added.”

Sebastian’s cock twitched. He knew exactly what the man was here for and it had nothing to do with blueprints, specs, or building materials. His words had been for the few stranglers getting into their vehicles. As foreman, it was common for Sebastian to be the last one off site at the end of the day.

“Sure. Come on in.”

Leading the way back into the commercial building that was being built for an investment company, Sebastian’s mind raced, trying to think of a spot that would be perfect for fucking his boyfriend’s brains out. Hmmmm. The third floor would work.

They rode the lift up in silence that was filled with sexual tension. When the car stopped, Sebastian slide the gate up and headed down the hall with Ben on his heels. The third doorway on the left was his destination. There were no doors up yet, but no one was left in the building to worry about.

Turning, he crossed his arms over his massive chest, spread his boot-covered feet, and lowered his voice. “Strip, subbie.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ben quickly removed his tie, then unbuttoned the cuffs of his dress shirt. The buttons down the center of his chest were next. Bast’s cock grew thick in his jeans and there was no hiding that fact from his lover whose eyes zoomed in on the bulge.

As Ben continued to strip, Bast grabbed a drop cloth and laid it on the floor so his submissive wouldn’t get any splinters or nails in his feet when he removed his spit-shined shoes. Bast then moved a sawhorse into the middle of the room. By the time he had everything ready, Ben was gloriously naked.

“Hands on the sawhorse, subbie. Bend at the waist, legs wide.”

His submissive lover followed the commands with a grin on his face, but that soon fell when Bast picked up a two-by-four.

“Thought I forgot about the fact you’re due a punishment, didn’t you?” Bast ran his hands over the piece of wood, making sure there were no loose splinters.

“More like wishful thinking, Sir.”

Taking a position behind and to the left of Ben, Bast raised the board in his right hand. “Count to ten, sub.”

He swung the board and connected with that fine, white ass with a smack.

“Shit! One, Sir.”

A red flush bloomed across Ben’s skin. Bast swung again, hitting another spot.

“Damn! Two, Sir.”

The swing, smack, curse, count, and “Sir” continued until there wasn’t a spot on Ben’s ass or upper thighs that hadn’t been struck. Tossing the board aside, Bast’s hands quickly undid the buttons of his fly. “Did you bring any lube?”

“Yes, Sir. Pants pocket.”

He retrieved a small tube of lubricant from the other man’s discarded pants. Putting a dollop on his fingers, he ran it down the crack of Ben’s ass, then began to work it into his back hole. Ben spread his legs wider as Bast dropped the tube and reached around and grabbed his sub’s cock. He pumped the thick shaft as he finger fucked Ben’s ass.

It wasn’t long before the man was begging for relief. “Please, Sir. Fuck me, please.” He was panting.

Once he was sure Ben’s ass was properly lubed, Bast lined his cock up and pushed forward. The man’s body yielded to him and with slow thrusts, Bast was soon buried to the hilt. He stayed there as his hand tightened and picked up the pace. Ben’s groans and heavy breathing filled the air.

“Close, Sir. Almost.”

With his free hand, Bast slapped his lover’s ass cheek and the man yelled with his release. Bast continued to pump until Ben let out a heavy sigh and the tension left his body.

“My turn, subbie. It’s going to be fast and hard.”

“Go for it, Sir.”

Grabbing Ben’s hips, Bast slide most of the way out then thrust forward again. His pelvis bounced off Ben’s sore ass, over and over again. The drag of his cock back and forth over Ben’s sphincter was sheer heaven. He picked up the pace. Grunting and moaning, he plunged harder and harder. His balls drew up tight and he felt a tingling in his lower spine. A roar filled the room and it barely registered that it came from Bast’s own mouth. Spots flashed in front of his eyes as he came deep in his lover’s ass.

Gasping for air, he draped himself over Ben’s back. Kissing the sweaty skin above the man’s shoulder blade, he said, “I think those new specs are a perfect fit. What about you?”

Copyright (c) 2017 Samantha A. Cole