NEW YORK DOMS BOOK 2 awwwwwww coming soon

Ok so. The title is official, cover underway! Safeguard: NYC Doms Book 2, coming soon to a Kindle near you. 😉

Wanna see my inspiration for Zack? Here he is (except his tat is on his back and it has a story).

I’m thinking it’s excerpt time! (Totally rough!)


” I freeze when I see her and somehow lose the ability to speak. She’s wearing all leather, a sleeveless dress that zippers up the front and ends at the very top of her thighs, revealing her shapely legs. Her hair’s in some kinda crazy spring thing, the blonde tresses as pretty as a picture, wispy and fetching, making her look way too innocent, belying the inner vixen I know all too well.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” I ask, pushing myself to my feet.

Her eyes go quickly to Diana who merely shrugs. “I wash my hands of this,” she says. “You know I told you you’d get your ass whipped for that outfit.”

“Oh she will,” I say in a growl, but I’m fucking hard as hell and can’t wait to push that dress up and take her. “Which, I think, is exactly what she wanted.”

Her eyes gleam and she bites her lip. “Who, me?” she asks.

The room fades for a moment and all I see is her, on her knees, the two of us alone.

She wants this.

I need this.

Without conscious thought, I snap my fingers and she drops to kneeling, both knees hitting the floor simultaneously, but maintaining eye contact. Other doms demand their subs look at the floor but I’ve taught her not to break contact with me. I need to see her eyes, need to read her.

Still keeping her eyes on mine, I drop to one knee and grab the bag I brought.

“It was on special,” she whispers. “At the bridal shop.”

“You bought that thing at the bridal shop?”

She smiles. “It’s NYC, sir. They have a goth line.”

I pull out the surprise I brought for her, and hold it in my palm. I give her a quick nod, my cue to giving her permission to break eye contact and look at what I’m holding. It’s a beautiful, handcrafted leather collar.

“For tonight?” I ask her. It isn’t a permanent one but a play one, sturdy, though, and fitted with rings so I can attach the chain. She has a fetish for depravity, and craves being objectified. I can only take it so far. But a collar and chain?

Yeah, I’m down with that.

“Zack,” she breathes. “Oh, it’s beautiful.”

I turn it around so she can see what I had stamped on the light brown leather. *Good girl.* Turning to face her, I slide the collar on her neck and click it into place.

“Be my good girl tonight?””