Samantha A.Cole Nick and Jake wedding!!!

To Honor, Love, & Cherish (Jake & Nick)

To Honor, Love, & Cherish

(Contains spoilers from earlier books in the Trident Security series)

by Samantha A. Cole

Nick Sawyer held up the new butt plug he’d just unwrapped and glared at his sister-in-law Kristen. “Seriously? The Sparkling Unicorn Plug?”

She grinned and toasted him with her margarita. “Because you’re one in a million, Nick, so you deserve something unique and special. Besides, I got Jake’s approval before I ordered it.”

The rest of the women and two men present roared with laughter. A bunch of the submissives from the BDSM club his two older brothers, Ian and Devon, owned had insisted on giving him his own bachelor party, without his fiancé, Jake Donovan, or any other Doms from The Covenant. The group of women included both his sisters-in-law and the wives and girlfriends of his teammates at Trident Security, along with others he’d gotten to know since moving back to Tampa. The two men who’d been invited—Anthony and Sterling—were also submissives at the club. They were both nice guys, although a little too effeminate for Nick’s taste—not that he was in the market. Nope, this was his last night as a single guy, and he couldn’t be happier. Well, yes, he could. He’d rather be with Jake right now at his bachelor party at his brother’s Irish Pub. Thankfully, Nick’s party was being hosted in Ian and Angie’s apartment at the TS compound and not anywhere public. He would’ve been mortified opening some of these gifts where people he didn’t know could see.

When he and Jake had first gotten together, Nick had no idea he was a sexual submissive. But once Jake had displayed his dominant nature, Nick had been a goner. He’d probably never understand why, but he’d accepted Jake was the only man he’d ever submit to. They’d needed to get past a few obstacles to get where they were now, but there was no place else Nick wanted to be—except, maybe, at Donovan’s tonight. It was only at times like these the retired Navy SEAL felt out of his element—he was an alpha male everywhere except in the bedroom—but he was man enough to indulge the women in his life. As long as they stocked the fridge with his beer and not some fruity drink, he was okay.

“Open mine next, Nick!” Kayla London tossed an oblong box into his lap as he sat back in the recliner.

He grinned and shook it. “Knowing you, I’m afraid to.” The sassy sub had a wicked sense of humor, so the present was sure to make him groan some more.

After ripping off the wrapping paper, he opened the box and burst out laughing. It was a leather paddle that would leave the word “Mine” temporarily imprinted on his ass when his new husband spanked him with it. Again, the room filled with cackles and giggles as he held up the present and pointed at Kayla. “Thanks. Jake will love it.”

The rest of the evening passed by with some funny games, a few shots, and lots of laughs. It was just after midnight when Jake, Ian, and Devon arrived to break up the party. After making sure everyone would be getting home safely, Jake grabbed his fiancé’s hand and led him through Ian’s Oasis, the grassy expanse between the last two warehouses in the Trident compound. Out of the four oblong buildings, the smallest one had been turned into four apartments—one for each Sawyer brother and the fourth for Ian’s goddaughter, Jenn Mullins, who’d been babysitting Kristen and Devon’s infant son, JD, for the evening. The entrance to Nick and Jake’s and Jenn’s apartments was at the rear of the building, with the men’s unit being on the second floor.

“Did you have a good time?” Nick asked, following Jake up the stairs.

“Yeah, but it would’ve been better if you were there.”

Jake opened the door and flipped up the light switch, so they could see. As soon as the door shut behind Nick, he found himself propelled against it. Jake’s mouth slammed onto his, demanding entry. Nick could taste the smooth Jack Daniel’s whiskey on his fiancé’s tongue as it dueled with his. Grasping the hem of Nick’s T-shirt, Jake yanked it up, halting the kiss to pull the garment over his head, and then removed his own. Next, Nick’s jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped, and shoved down his legs, his hard-on springing free.

“Hands behind your head, Junior.” Jake dropped to his knees. “Not a word out of your mouth, unless I ask you a question, or I’ll get a ball gag.”

Wide-eyed, Nick followed his Dom’s orders. One calloused hand gently cupped his balls while the other stroked his hard cock. Nick’s head fell back against the door, his clasped hands sandwiched between them. He bit his bottom lip, fighting the urge to beg for more. His Master would take care of him, but at his own pace.

“Eyes on me, subbie.”

Gulping, Nick lowered his gaze. The love he saw in Jake’s eyes reflected his own. The man opened his mouth, and Nick’s cock disappeared inside. A low groan vibrated in Nick’s throat as Jake’s tongue swirled around him before he took him deep. Nick gasped when Jake swallowed around the tip of his cock. His Dom knew how much the sub wanted to pull his hands free and take control, but he wouldn’t. What Jake would give him as a reward for his submissiveness and obedience was far better than anything Nick had experienced in his life. The anticipation heightened his senses, and, in the end, his orgasm would be explosive—he knew from experience.

Jake pulled off him. “Who’s your Master?” His tongue lashed across the tip of Nick’s cock.

“You are, Sir.”

“Who do you submit to?” Another lash.

“You, Sir.”

“Whose name will you take tomorrow?” Another.

“Yours, Sir.”

“Who is going to honor, love, and cherish you for the rest of your life?”

Jake’s hands gripped Nick’s hips as he gazed up at his fiancé. There was no doubt what the answer would be. “You, Sir.”

“Damn straight, Junior.”

That hot mouth closed around Nick’s shaft again, and this time, Jake didn’t hold back. His head bobbed up and down as he gave Nick the blowjob of a lifetime. Hollowing his cheeks, he sucked hard before laving the hard flesh from root to tip. He rolled Nick’s balls in one hand. Reaching up with his other, he held out two fingers in a silent order. Nick spit on them, knowing exactly where they were going next. The hand snaked up between his legs and the fingers delved between his ass cheeks, finding his tight hole. Nick’s knees shook as Jake worked his most sensitive body parts into a frenzy. One, then two of Jake’s fingers breached Nick’s sphincter, and he almost cried out at the delicious sensations bombarding him. His balls drew up tight, his vision going hazy. His breath was coming in short pants. He was close, so close, but he knew he had to wait for permission. Pleasing his Dom was more important to him than finding his own pleasure.

“Cum for me, Junior. Cum in my mouth. Give it all to me.”


As soon as Jake’s lips formed a seal, and he sucked hard, Nick detonated. His eyes slammed shut of their own accord. Fireworks flashed behind his lids as streams of cum shot from his cock into his lover’s mouth. Jake swallowed every drop until Nick was fully spent and sagged against the door, trying to catch his breath.

With a final lick, Jake looked up and grinned. “Relax, babe. Let’s get you to bed, so I can fuck your fine ass, then get some sleep. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.”


With Nick by his side, Jake strode from the parking lot to the dock leading to the party yacht they’d rented for the wedding. In their naval dress whites, both men were garnering appreciative glances from both men and women along the way. It was a beautiful day for their wedding—the sun was shining, and a nice breeze was blowing in from the Gulf. With the warm weather, though, neither man wanted to stay in uniform after the ceremony, so Nick was carrying a garment bag with more comfortable clothing for them. At the end of the long dock, several guests, including Nick’s folks, and Jake’s mother, were already gathered, waiting for the couple to arrive.

Even though Jake’s sub belonged to him in every sense of the word, today they’d make it legal. He hadn’t realized until they’d gotten engaged how much that would mean to him. Until he’d fallen hard for Nick, Jake had thought he’d spend the rest of his life either going from one short-term relationship to another or completely alone. He definitely hadn’t thought he’d fall for his teammates’ younger brother. But fate had other plans and had sent him the most incredible man to love, and Jake would never forsake the gift he’d been given.

“Oh good, you’re here. The flowers, photographer, videographer, and DJ are here, and Fancy’s staff just brought the cake inside, but the judge hasn’t arrived. Did you call her yesterday to remind her to be on time?”

Rolling his eyes, Jake kissed his mother on the cheek, then shook hands with her new boyfriend, Chad Walker, a former NYPD detective. “Don’t worry, Mom. She’ll be here—it’s still early. Half the guests aren’t even here yet, and we have about thirty minutes ’til we shove off.”

The two men greeted the rest of their loved ones who’d already gathered, including their teammates and their wives—Ian and Angie, Devon and Kristen, Brody and Fancy Evans, Marco and Harper DeAngelis, and Boomer and Kat Michaelson. The photographer Emma Donovan hired stood nearby and took candid shots of everyone. They were lucky—even in this day and age, not every gay or lesbian couple had the full support of all their family and friends. If Jake’s father was still alive, they would have had to face that reality. The man had been a bigoted bastard in the first degree. Jake shook off the painful memories before they could fully form—they were in the past where they belonged. His future stood right next to him, laughing and smiling. Nick was his sunshine, the man who’d pulled Jake from the darkness and showed him how to let go of the things he couldn’t change.

More guests arrived as they boarded the yacht. They’d kept the list small—sixty people who meant the most to them. While a few couldn’t make it, including friends from California where the couple had lived together for a year and a half, almost everyone had accepted the invitations even though they’d been given short notice.

In the main cabin’s dining room, Jake’s brother, Mike, and his girlfriend, Charlotte, aka Mistress China, were going over the last-minute food and drink details with the event manager. While Jake and Nick had wanted to keep things simple, Emma had overridden them. She’d been in her element, organizing everything in the scant two-week time period they’d given her. Mike, Charlotte, all of the Trident women, and a few club members had stepped up to help her, while the engaged couple had been in Miami, working on a case they’d easily wrapped up in time for their nuptials. Emma had contacted Nick’s mom, Marie Sawyer, several times to consult with her, before his parents had flown in from North Carolina a few days ago.

Those onboard already included Alyssa Wagner, a teenage girl Jake and Nick had saved from an abusive father, her guardians and Boomer’s parents, Eileen and Rick Michaelson, Shelby and Parker Christiansen, Roxy and Kayla London, and several others. Nick’s cousin Mitch Sawyer, who co-owned and ran The Covenant, and his submissives, Tyler and Tori, had also arrived a few minutes ago.

A hand slapped down on Jake’s shoulder as he watched several dolphins frolicking in the water. “Hey, pretty boy.”

Grinning, he turned and gave T. Carter a man hug. “Glad you could make it. Wasn’t too sure you would. Hey, Jordyn.” He kissed Carter’s submissive girlfriend on the cheek. The couple were two of the most covert US spies on the planet, yet their friendship with the men of Trident ran deep. Carter hadn’t missed a wedding among them yet, although he’d cut it awfully close a few times.

“Hi, Jake.” The petite woman ran a hand down his arm. “Damn, you and Nick are smokin’ in your dress whites. Can Carter borrow them some night? I think I have another fantasy that has to be fulfilled.”

As her Dom frowned, Jake chuckled, knowing that would never happen. Although he didn’t know a lot about Carter’s background, including his first name, he did know the man had done a brief, but redacted stint in the Marines back in his teens.

“Come up with another fantasy, Jordy, because I’m never dressing up like pretty boy here.”

“You’d never be able to do him justice.” Nick slid in next to Jake, then shook hands with Carter and kissed Jordyn hello. “Glad you could make it.”

“We wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Carter said with a grin. “Another I’m-never-getting-married Trident boy is going down hard—pun intended.”

Laughter filled the air, and, once again, Jake was glad Nick had talked him out of eloping. Having their family and friends with them as they tied the knot was the right thing to do.

By the time they were scheduled to launch from the dock and head out into the Gulf, all the guests and the justice of the peace had arrived, much to Emma’s relief. Judge Lily Bradshaw was a Domme at The Covenant and had cheerfully agreed to perform the nuptials. The only loved ones missing were six-month-old JD and two-year-old Mara, Marco and Harper’s daughter, who were at Kristen and Devon’s apartment with two club submissives who’d volunteered to babysit so their parents could enjoy themselves.

As they cruised across the calm waters, the guests took their seats where the ceremony would take place at the aft of the boat. To soft music, Jenn walked down the short aisle, dressed in a blue sundress and holding a small bouquet of flowers. Jake and Nick had forgone the traditional best man and asked Jenn, who was a surrogate niece to the men at Trident, to be their maid of honor, carrying the wedding rings for them. Once she reached where the judge stood, Nick escorted Marie down the aisle, followed by Jake and Emma.

Finally, the time had come—the two men stood facing each other in front of everyone. As Judge Bradshaw gave a little inspirational invocation before the vows, Jake’s gaze never left Nick’s. His heart swelled within his chest. The love he had for this man would never be matched. They’d been made for each other, and Jake knew that to his dying day, he’d love no other as he did Nick.

“Do you, Jake, take Nick to be your lawful husband; to honor, love, and cherish all the days of your life?”

He wiped away a tear that threatened to fall. “I do.”

“And do you, Nick, take Jake to be your lawful husband; to honor, love, and cherish all the days of your life?”

“I do. Hooyah!”

Jake grinned as the guests and the judge laughed. Brat.

“The rings, please?”

Jenn handed the two platinum rings to the judge who then held them for the men to take.

“Jake, you’re first. Place the ring on Nick’s finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.”

Jake slid the symbol of his love onto his sub’s hand. “This is the first and last time I’ll say these words, Junior. With this ring, I thee wed.

It was Nick’s turn to wipe away an emotional tear. Out of the corner of his eye, Jake could see both mothers, Nick’s dad, Chuck, and several other guests were doing the same.

Nick blew out a deep, shuddering breath as he placed the ring on Jake’s finger and then repeated the same words. “With this ring, I thee wed.”

“By the power vested in me by the state of Florida, I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may kiss your groom.”

Cupping Nick’s jaw in his hands, Jake wasted no time kissing him as his husband for the first time as the guests cheered for them. He even managed to get a few swipes of his tongue in, a little reminder of what was to come when they were finally alone later. Grabbing Nick’s hand, Jake held it high as they turned to walk down the aisle. Behind them, the judge announced, “It’s my honor to introduce to you Jake and Nick Donovan.”


The reception was in full swing, with everyone having a grand time, when Jake and Nick found themselves surrounded by Ian, Devon, their teammates, Brody, Marco, and Boomer, and Chuck Sawyer. Not that it made a difference to Jake, but his new father-in-law was a self-made, real estate billionaire. Something that’d come in handy when Ian and Dev had gone into the private sector and used their trust funds for the startup money.

The Sawyer patriarch slapped Jake on the shoulder. “Welcome to the family, son—although you’ve been part of it for a long time; this just makes it legal.”

“Thanks, Chuck.”

“Your brothers and I have a few things to discuss with you two. Consider them wedding presents.” Pulling an envelope out of the back pocket of his dress pants, the older man handed it to Nick.

The new couple had matching, confused expressions on their faces as Nick opened the envelope and began to read with Jake looking over his shoulder. Nick was the first to realize what he was seeing. “Holy shit.”

Yeah, that was putting it mildly. After Chuck had made his first few million, he’d set up the trust funds for his sons, which had been garnering interest ever since. Upon graduation from high school, each brother began to receive a small, monthly stipend, as long as they did either a four-year stint in the military or got a bachelor’s degree in college, then continued to work for a living. When Ian and Devon had each hit the age of thirty, they’d been given full control over their accounts. At twenty-seven, Nick still had a few more years to get his. But, today, Chuck had handed him the paperwork that voided the initial directives he’d stipulated when setting up the trust funds. Nick now had full access to his money to do with as he pleased.

“Dad,” Nick shook his head in disbelief. “I—we didn’t expect this. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, boys.” He gave Nick, then Jake, a fatherly hug. “You both deserve it. Your mothers and I are very proud of both of you. Never forget that.”

Ian cleared his throat, catching their attention. In his hands were several more envelopes. He handed the first one to Jake, another to Nick, then the rest to Brody, Marco, and Boomer, all of whom furrowed their brows.

“What’s this?” Brody asked, opening his.

“This,” Ian responded, “is the paperwork that gives you each a share of Trident Security.”

Several sets of eyes went wide, but it was Boomer who voiced what they were all thinking. “What? Are you shitting us?”

“You’re my favorite turds; I’d never shit you.” Chuckles spread through the mostly-stunned group.

Devon rolled his eyes and took over. “But, seriously, we knew once Nick joined us, we’d be putting his name on the company letterhead. Then it occurred to us, without you four, Trident Security probably wouldn’t exist. You supported us when we first thought of going private, then gave up a lot to come work for us, not knowing if it would be a success. Blood related or not, you’re our brothers and, now, co-owners of Trident.”

“Of course, Dev and I still have the controlling shares—that’s a given.”

Still dumbfounded, Jake held out his hand to Ian. “You didn’t have to do this. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Sure you do. Make sure Junior’s junk stays hidden from my view and we’re even.” Barks of laughter filled the air as Ian shook Jake’s hand.