Choose from six books | Now through February 28, 2019

It’s your last chance to get early access to one of six Kindle books, FREE for Prime members. You can also get the hardcover editions of these titles for $9.99 or less.

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Where the Forest Meets the Stars

by Glendy Vanderah

Contemporary Fiction

In this gorgeously stunning debut, a mysterious child teaches two strangers how to love and trust again.…

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The Perfect Child

by Lucinda Berry

Domestic Suspense

A page-turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own—and the unsettling consequences of getting what they always wanted…

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The Broken Circle

by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller


An emotional and sweeping memoir of love and survival—and of a committed and desperate family uprooted and divided by the violent, changing landscape of Afghanistan in the early 1980s…

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The Fever King

by Victoria Lee

Young Adult

In the former United States, sixteen-year-old Noam Álvaro wakes up in a hospital bed, the sole survivor of the viral magic that killed his family and made him a technopath…

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What the Wind Knows

by Amy Harmon

Historical Fiction

In an unforgettable love story, a woman’s impossible journey through the ages could change everything…

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It’s Not Hansel and Gretel

by Josh Funk and Edwardian Taylor

Children’s Picture Book

Hansel and Gretel will not listen to their storyteller. For one thing, who leaves a trail of bread crumbs lying around, when there are people starving?…

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