(Nemesis Inc. Book 2)

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His happy sunshine girl didn’t deserve to be pulled into his world of fire and brimstone. All he could do was hope like hell he found her in time.

As a Black Ops Contractor for Nemesis Inc. Cormack *Jeep* Ford, has seen the worst humans can inflict on their fellow man—in some of the shittiest hellholes on earth. With a twenty-year military career under his belt, he’s not one bit sorry when Nemesis Inc. relocates from Kabul to Montana. Maybe now his boots are firmly on US soil, he can peruse a happy ever after with woman who calls to his soul.

To Willow Black it feels like she’s waited a lifetime for her soldier to come home. Who’d have thought a connection made over emails and letters would lead her to the man who makes her heart and body sing. With Cormack moving back to the US full time, she can’t wait to see if the connection between them can withstand the test of time spent in the same freaking time zone. Just when she’s starting to believe he may be her happy ever after, a terrorist destroys everything she trusts in— dragging her into the terrifying reality of the world’s underbelly.

A man forged in fire and brimstone—a woman made for sunshine and roses—and a terrorist determined to may them pay. Can Cormack convince Willow her life’s not over? Can she convince him to let her go? Or will ther hearts have the final say?

Photographer: Jean Maureen Woodfin

Model: Darrin James Dedmon